How to Get Tickets FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 - FIFA WWC 2019

How to Get Tickets FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

How to get tickets FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019?

Tickets for the matches are affordable and intended to motivate fans to be part of the fiesta. Currently, an approximate 1.3 million tickets have been availed for the contest. Every football fan who does not want to miss out on the game should secure a seat as soon as now. Since a draw was made, the ticketing process has been moved to the next stage. They are now on sale to the public.

How to Get Tickets FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

Over the years, the main buyers of the FIFA tickets have been French, taking a possible 57% of the total sales. They were followed by USA who took a 25% of the total sales. UK is next on the lead snapping a 3% of these tickets. The remaining percentage has been shared by fans from other locations. With the ticket offer that you have secured, you can watch the matches at any of the listed stadiums. The arenas will highlight all the number and stages of the matches to be hosted. Different ticketing packages are present and the match you will attend is determined by the package you have settled on.

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FIFA has chosen this special moment to launch the Visa ticket Pre-sale. Exceptionally, individual match ticket sales will be opened exclusively for these cardholders. The holders will be given the first priority to make an application for their individual tickets. Since the launch of this platform, an approximate 330,000 tickets have already been sold. The tickets are booked online. Other than the individual tickets, the game offers the Special Access Tickets (SAT). These are more expensive as compared to other ticketing categories. Once you visit the official website, this category is found under the Special Access Tickets Section.

Worth mentioning, the high anticipation towards the game makes it quite evident that getting the tickets might be a matter of first-come-first-serve. However, do not give up your applications. Be patient and calm. The ticketing system allows fans to get a fair chance of securing the available tickets. The Women World Cup 2019 has surprised the organizing team since, throughout history, the fans have made a chief contribution to the interest of the world cup by securing millions of tickets.

On the other hand, the global soccer body claim that any sales made through the official website will be divided into 2 phases. This will be followed by the last-minute sales. It is however not advisable to rely on the last minute sales. This is because, many applications will be going through at that time hence creating traffic on the application system. The maximum number of tickets that you can apply are 9 per order.

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If this is your first time to apply the tickets, create an account. Once you have a ticketing account with your application details, you can purchase the tickets and have an assessment of the ticket options. After the applications, a selection will be done and the successful applicants notified through their email addresses. Upon notice, you will be required to pay for the tickets. The only requirement of an applicant is that he/she should be above 21 years of age to make a purchase. If you have applied for tickets before, login to your already existing account. All supporters will require an official identity document called the FAN ID to attend the game. This identification card is issued by Russian Authorities. Visit the FIFA official website and make a booking now at

How much are tickets of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019?

Basically, there are 4 different price categories being offered by the Women World Cup 2019. Upon booking your ticket, you will be required to choose the category that best suit the needs and preferences of your budgeted pockets.

In the stadium, the 4 categories have been situated differently. The different categories cover everyone hence making FIFA to be the most accommodating sporting occasion.

Category 1 is the most expensive grouping, followed by category 2. The category 3 group costs cheaper. Seats of Category 1 cost $550 in the group stage and $1,100 for the final match. On the other hand, seats in Category 3 costs $105 for group stage matches, $175 for the quarter-finals and $455 for the final matches.

In category 4, group matches cost  9 and 84 for the final competitions. Group matches in all the groupings encompasses the France games but excludes the opening match whereas the final includes the two activities.

With the ticket pricing, you can assess your capacity and know where you fit best. Individual ticket prices cost 9. Ticket prices for the opening match are 13 and will be featuring France take on the Korea Republic, at Parc des Princes. This is for category 4.

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